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31 Aug Break the routine and make the
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For a watch, in addition to the basic daily timekeeping, the calendar display function is the most practical. The design of each calendar device is always the same. Among the many calendar watches, the Commander series "Remembrance" large calendar fully automatic mechanical watch under the Swiss Mid..
29 Aug Deep and unique
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This year, the German high-end watch brand Glashütte Original has brought a new 60's watch and a 60's chronograph watch, both watches are released in limited quantities. Since 2018, Glashütte original Sixties series limited edition watches have been praised by watch friends for their bright and uniq..
28 Aug A beautiful two-handed timepiece with a formal dress tasting the Lange Saxonia Thin watch
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The Saxonia series under the German top watch brand A. Lange & Söhne has always been known for its timeless and classic chic design. Among them, the Saxonia Thin watch still continues the German Bauhaus aesthetic design style, with the ultimate simplicity The lines combined with the ultra-thin movem..
16 Jul The logic of buying watches for young people, it is important not to collide with others.
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In 2001, Athens Watch launched the Freak fantasy series. For that time, the appearance of the Freak fantasy series can be said to be a milestone. In the Freak fantasy series, the brand used silicon components for the first time, and completely deconstructed the mechanical movement without dials, han..
15 Jul Domineering extraordinary
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As a watch brand that produces professional-grade diving watches, Breitling has been loved by watch friends with its strong and durable skills. The performance of the Super Ocean series watches under the brand is also better, and the appearance design is quite domineering and fashionable, which is v..
14 Jul Urban men's personal taste, look at what watches are worn by fashionistas?
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Nowadays, watches are not only used as a tool to watch time, but also as a fashion item that can add different colors to their wear and show their own taste. For fashionable men in the city, a unique and noble watch is indispensable, and it can highlight its charm on different occasions. Today, Watc..
13 Jul The hard power of professional diving watches: Tudor Pelagos
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The hot summer is coming soon. The increasing temperature and the gradual lifting of the epidemic will presumably cause many people to be tempted to plan when to go surfing and diving at the beach. When it comes to diving, whether it is a watch enthusiast or a diver, naturally there is a company of ..
13 Jul The strength of this steel
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Chopard launched a new luxury sports watch series-the ALPINE EAGLE series last year. The Chinese translation is "Alpine Eagle". This new Alpine Eagle fashion sports watch was conceived and designed by Mr. Schaefer personally, paying tribute to the "Alpine passion and The master of this region-the no..
11 Jul Cool avant-garde, tasting Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch
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Just like women like to wear jewelry, watches for men, in addition to the most basic role of watching time, presumably more decorative function, so the design of the watch has become a key part. Some watches can be remembered at a glance because of their unique design, and they also attract many lov..
11 Jul Classic sports explosions, tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches
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The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches have always been at the forefront of luxury sports steel watches. Last year, Audemars Piguet carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the details, presenting a more outstanding Royal Oak series watch, the shape is still classic and unique, and the blue dial is als..
10 Jul The design inspiration for this watch turned out to be an airplane?
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The Bell & Ross brand is very interesting because they can not only design watches, but also design racing cars inspired by the shape of aeronautical engineering. What is more amazing is that they also designed an aircraft by themselves. It is BR-Bird.The BR-Bird is an ultra-modern single-seat aircr..
09 Jul Roger Dubuis: Advanced watchmaking is a process of breaking and refactoring
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Avant-garde and courageous, Roger Dubuis was born in 1995. It quickly rose in the watchmaking world and became a young and powerful "90s" watchmaking model. It strikes a balance between Swiss watchmaking skills and avant-garde design. Its unique style and professional skeleton movement make it a lea..
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